your land by placing blocks & buildings while
carefully planning your placements,
and make your own little world in this small idle game.

How to play:
Blocks generate points, some being affected by nearby tiles.
Buy cards, place blocks and grow your world.

Mouse to interact, left click to place.
Right click/middle click and drag to move.
Mouse wheel to zoom in/out.
R to center the camera.

Note: Cookies have to be enabled to save progress.

Originally made during the Kenney Jam 2022 (Theme: Growth)
Assets by Kenney
Sounds from

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(36 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Strategy
Made withGIMP, Audacity, Godot
Tags2D, Creative, Idle, Sandbox
Average sessionDays or more
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen


Terraforma - WIN.zip 48 MB
Terraforma - LINUX.zip 49 MB
Terraforma JAM VERSIONS.zip 87 MB
Terraforma.apk 47 MB

Install instructions

Note: Download the game if you want to run it in the background.

Development log


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pls add a thing so if you miss place a block you can delete (:

I wish the Android version had gamepad support.


i may be hyperfixated a tiny bit

Glad you’re liking it!


Well that was fun!


hi i love this game so much, is there a way to place blocks on top of blocks? like layer it?

No, sorry…


its okay :) just thought that i would ask :D


spent a while on this. thought id post.

wow that’s amazing


That is the coolest thing I have ever seen!!


Nice :) how did you make the hill


make a hole between the block blocks in an L shape

(1 edit) (+4)



Pretty nice ngl


This is wonderful! Nice job :)

Thank you!

(1 edit) (+1)

on a question of scale just your opinion.  If one were making a house in the woods (Also please add plain houses to the farming/fishing/lumber/forest area even if only contributes .05 and nothing boosts it) how many blocks away from "Town" would make it "The house deep in the woods" also can you add bridges /docks so those fishing cabins in the middle of the lakes I make arent trapped lol

Edit broke the game new world starting block wont spawn or the camera chose to go to china

Hi! About your edit, if you’re on PC you can press “R” to restart the camera to the center of the screen. If the issue continues lmk.

About your original question, I’m not sure what you mean.


im on a console browser eventually i deleted the save and it fixed. As for my 3 points.

1. Its hard to imagine a true sense of scale. If you put a bunch of buildings near each other thats a village. A bunch of blocks with trees is a forest. If you made a village who talked about a spooky building in the woods five trees away from the village is just steve how many trees asay from any other building do you feel it takes before steve turns into a hermit.

2. Put down a block and a fishing cabim then put 20 blocks of water on any side. How does the owner socialize? I figure there could be a dock or somethinto imply he rows into town.

3. The Butcher , the faker, the candle stick maker. The innkeeper, the hunter. You could make dozens of new buildings or literally just add a double of the lumberjack/fishing/farming building rename it home give it no boosts and let players make actual villages. Some might want you to design a whole new building but given the notes imply youre done i'd take the easiest option for you that still adds non desert houses. If you did design something new any structure on water, dock, bridge, boat,  etc

That’s up to your imagination! This is kind of a sandbox, so do whatever you want. There’s no determined scale. And about the different houses, I don’t think I’ll be updating the game any time soon, sorry. It takes time to do so.


Is there a way just to move one block?

I'm new to the game!

Hi! Thanks for playing. There’s no way to move a block, sorry. Once you place it, it’s permanent.


No way to move around map (WASD) is annoying.

If you press shift you can use WASD to move. Also right/middle mouse click and drag also works.


Is there any reason Shift is required? Should not be needed.


That’s a good point! Idk what I was thinking


I love this lil doot of a world!

Wow! That’s one of the prettiest worlds I’ve seen


Aw, thanks! S' a blend of the things I picked up from working on pixel art and TTRPG maps.  


So, just four sets of cards? thats a little disappointing...

I want more!

Fire, Ice, spacey stuff!


so i found a bug- if you fill up the bar and create a new world, you can press the button again and keep getting added multipliers.

Yeah, you never know where will you find another clicker =\


almost to 1 million and nobody can stop me +-+ (usually when i say this my chromebook dies like 5 mins to an hour later BUT THIS TIME IT IS CHARGING)

(1 edit) (+3)

it is done. the stuff in the top right kind of block it but you can still see that I HAVE MORE THAN ONE MILLION
edit: almost forgot to put the screenshot lol but here it is


most of my money is from being afk :P

YOOO. Congrats!


so uh. i accidentally closed my tab and it didn't save ;-;

It didn’t save? That’s weird. Do you have cookies enabled?


probably. i think. lemme check.


i did in fact have cookies enabled. dunno why it didn't save :/


I got to 1 million too but itch won't let me post the image 


when I am able to post it I will

(1 edit) (+1)

I played the updated version! I like that it now saves what I've done so I can return later and keep building my little creation! I also noticed that the water connects a lot better now, which was one thing that annoyed me before. It used to be very easy to break your rivers by placing water incorrectly, but you've fixed that now from the looks of things.

I would like to see some more buildings added later, and a way to destroy things I've placed if I want to tweak what I've built. There is so much you could do with this game, and I hope to see you expand it more in the future! Good job!

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi! Cute world you’ve built. I plan to add more buildings later, especially now that Kenney released a new pack with desert tiles 👀.

I made a card that would delete stuff but eventually removed it because I feel like I want one of the challenges of the game to be that you can’t delete anything. I’ll probably add though a “new world” button that appears after a certain amount of money is reached and will create a new world from scratch with a points per seconds multiplier, kinda like prestige in Cookie Clicker.

Glad you liked it!


Love, but it keeps removing my progress. Can you make a save option for people playing in-browser?

I’m pretty sure it should be working in browser?

It works fine for me. Is it deleting all of your progress? Do you have cookies enabled?


It just started working now for some reason! I did have cookies enabled before, but still, tysm!



if there's a next update, i have a suggestion. maybe have something to sort your cards?

only three packs


Very cute, not a lot of content obviously so it gets stale pretty fast but a pretty good idea, could get complex very fast with extra packs and more difficult ruleset for advanced buildings.

Really feels like rotating thee world and ability to destroy things would improve it a lot though. Also just generally would like the placement to feel more responsive, currently I often have to click multiple time for something to be placed which makes it tedious once to start generating enough money.


This is a fun game but I would love to see the ability to move placed blocks/remove them due to misclicks and the ability to rotate the world.

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Very relaxing and oddly addictive! Kind of like Civilization meets Minecraft. I like it! If you're open to suggestions for ways you could update/expand this game, a way to remove misplaced tiles would be nice, and to save what you've built. I think this concept could definitely be explored further!


This game was very fun and relaxing!

Thanks a lot for playing!

I must admit, this was fun to play! I'd only recommend adding in a system to save progress. Still, this is a masterpiece ! Well done !

Thanks a lot!! Yeah, save and load would’ve definitely been nice, but I didn’t want to deal with that for a jam.

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In regards to the save and load system, maybe take a page from Yahtzee and his dev diary series - encode it into a text string. Then, when you first start the game up, have it ask if you want to make a new town or load an existing one.

Only issue with this is that you might need to limit the size of your towns to make them shareable via a text string... 


really cool art style and overall feeling! would be cool if there were more packs but it was made for a game jam so idk. anyway i would love to see the idea expanded on!


Love  the visuals and the sfx! Very peaceful and oddly addicting to play

Great job! :DD