your land by placing blocks & buildings while
carefully planning your placements,
and make your own little world in this small idle game.

How to play:
Blocks generate points, some being affected by nearby tiles.
Buy cards, place blocks and grow your world.

Mouse to interact, left click to place.
Right click/middle click and drag to move.
Mouse wheel to zoom in/out.
R to center the camera.

Note: Cookies have to be enabled to save progress.

Originally made during the Kenney Jam 2022 (Theme: Growth)
Assets by Kenney
Sounds from

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(165 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Strategy
Made withGIMP, Audacity, Godot
Tags2D, Creative, Idle, Sandbox
Average sessionDays or more
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen


Terraforma - WIN.zip 48 MB
Terraforma - LINUX.zip 49 MB
Terraforma JAM VERSIONS.zip 87 MB
Terraforma.apk 47 MB

Install instructions

Note: Download the game if you want to run it in the background.

Development log


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So insanely long that it took 2 screenshots to barely fit.

The best relaxing game I came upon so far! I love this game!!

(2 edits) (+1)

Love the game. 

idk if its only bugged for me, but you can just spam the new world button for infinite multiplier and the multiplier calculation seems to be off by factor 100, like +100% gives you +10,000%. 

For example in the picture i should earn 0.20,  but i get 10.10

I don't think it's a bug

omg this is so fun and relaxing pls continue working on this game and adding more things and features.


Hi there! My name is Dan. I'm the new Director of Developer Relations at Arkadium. Here at Arkadium, we build and launch browser games for our own website and a number of the world's biggest media sites (i.e. The Washington Post, USA Today, AARP, The Daily Mail). 

Big fan of Terraforma and would love to explore ways of working together. Tried finding your contact info but this was the best I could do!

Thank you for the comment. Could I ask you for your email?

Cool concept and has a lot of potential! Great job!


This game is incredible. 10/10.

my world does not have a starting grass


you can just keep clicking + new world repeatedly to just keep increasing your multiplier, thats not balanced at all


WIP water island.

Infinite moneys

Infinite water cards too (and water itself 💀💀)



Thanks a lot! Glad you like it :D


how do i have negative money?

When you buy an object and then buy another object really quickly after, the game will think you are buying two things at once, and combine the price, and if that price is more than your money, then your money will go into the negatives. The maximum into the negatives your money can get to is around (money * -1), which could go further if you manage to bug/break the game


fun to play!

I cannot play the game.

Is there a 32 bit version of this game?

Sorry, there isn’t. Can you play the browser version?


yeah sorry, I don’t know how to help you.

Make the game work for me. :)))

Me too...


Hi! If you just made it here and enjoyed the game, check out the remake I’m making: https://benjatk.itch.io/terraforma/devlog/549688/im-remaking-terraforma Follow me on Twitter for updates!


With many retries, I finally ended up with a design that I liked.


o wow

Damn bro, this is insane

QAQ <=(me, looking at my complete mess)

damn daniel


I think this game would be improved if you could make things like factories that produce lots of money but destroy the environment (polluted water, shrivelled trees, ect.). This is an amazing game and I would love to see it updated!

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something cool would be if you could remove or replace blocks

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what does the green bar below the new world button do?


That’s the progress to the next “level”. It increases your points multiplier that will be applied when you create a new world. Kind of like ascension in Cookie Clicker.

oh ok thx


amazingly great game, super chill, calming, fun, the only thing that i don't like is the fact that i had an extremely big island and accidently created a new world and lost everything.

other than that its pretty cool


This has quickly become a favorite. It satisfies that desire to watch things grow while I relax, and it has helped even with an anxiety attack i had.

I would absolutely love to see it grow, if you ever had time - but just know I absolutely love it the way it is now.


This makes me so happy to read! I’m really glad it helped you some way. I’ll definitely remake it some time, I’d love to. Thanks for playing!


fun game! i would love to see what it could be remade with new assets and more features




to make this game more fun you should add some farming aspects in where you can plant crops and they can grow and once they are done growing you can harvest them and sell them to get money and you could also add animals and get produce from them and sell the produce to get money i think that could make the game more fun. 


The pacing is a little bit too slow, and placing blocks with no interaction with each other is kind of boring...

The pacing is definitely slow, but that’s because I wanted to make a relaxing game! And wdym with no interactions?


Well, I mean to say transformations, for example when you place 4 trees together they turn into a forest, or placing the river along grass transforms grass blocks into  some kind of different vegetation...(I guess I've played too much Loop Hero, sorry!)


That would surely be cool! But this was made for a game jam using pre-made assets so I had limited time and art.


how do i get money faster? 

You can see which rules generate money in the cards’ descriptions, so try to find the best strategy based on that!

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thanks mate also can the money counter go up infinitely or does it stop at a certain point where you can get the max amount of money and not get any more also wdym by the the rules in the cards descriptions


I’m pretty sure it’s infinite. Also, the rules are in the description of the cards. They say things like “+$0.5 per blah blah blah”

oh ok i see what your saying now thanks mate i wasn't paying enough attention to the cards ig hehe 


I made a new world and did not get a starting block, I am now stuck


That’s really weird, I’m not sure why that happened or how to fix it as I’ve never seen it before. Are you sure you just aren’t in another place with the camera? You can press R to recenter the camera.


That was indeed the case, I did not think that I was far away from the starting block, thank you

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A really good game. I love this game


the top look like a pyramid 🤣

(1 edit) (+1)

Just a small town xD


I really like what i made, Welcome To Cordeliaton

This looks great!


By any chance did you use flutter?


I did not, I used Godot.

(1 edit) (+2)

Another Godot user! Good man.


Godot is cool!


Nice game, just an idea, how about making different blocks like roads, city streets and buildings, tower blocks, steppe, mountain, hills, boats, dockland, cranes, bridges over water, village residential, industrial factories, cacti, parks, flowers, electricity pylons, You don`t have to add all these things, it would just make the game more interesting and something to aim for.  

Lovin` what you got so far.

This game was made with an asset pack that I didn’t make so I can’t add those stuff unless the asset pack gets them, but I still plan to remake the game with my own art some day!

Hey! I read your Creator Page bio and saw that you used Godot in most of your projects. I would love to make games and I have tried Godot 3D before and found it hard to wrap my head around. Was wondering if you might share any tips or ways you learned Godot! This would be highly aprieciated (sry for bad spelling), keep up the great work!


Hehe my little world. Wasn't sure if there were going to be new blocks to unlock, wanted more palm trees!!


it's nice


I figured out how to get huge multipliers by spamming the new world button-


may have found a  small exploit but here is my cute lil world lmao

lol! The game is probably full of exploits. Glad you had fun!


pls make a mac version


amazing game but idk how to remove blocks


You can’t. Every decision you make is permanent :)


you should be able to, if you accidently placed the wrong block or you placed the block in the wrong place, maybe just be able to drag them instead of deleting?

hello guys just wanna know how to install it on pop_os plz 


i love this little game, i just wish there could be 1 more update, Winter! Adds snow (grass), snowman (tree), ice (water), and igloo (lumber camp). I know it sadly won't happen, just wish it could lol.


I also wish it could lol! Sadly I didn’t make the art so I’m dependent on Kenney releasing assets. I might remake this game some time with my own art though.

yeeeeeessss, do it lol, hell if it where to go full release set up, like on steam or epic, i'd buy. Though now i have to ask, with a remake, would it be the same style or a whole new look. And would we be able to rotate the view to see from a new angle

I’m not sure yet! It’s just an idea for now :)

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